I’d like to share an amazing story.  With all of my faith in Spirit I still did not expect this.  Amazing!!

Dear Ms. Barrett,

I thought I would write to share with you how I came upon your blog site.  Last Thursday night, I had a dream.  In my dream, I was telling a young woman with wavy, shoulder-length red hair to consult to a webpage called “ViewSpirit.com.” for additional support with her “work.”  The woman was working on listening to her inner resource for guidance, particularly concerning a writing project. I do not recognize the woman, nor do I know anyone working on a writing project.  In addition, I had not heard of your (prior) site, nor did I know anything about its content.  
When I awoke, I thought “ViewSpirit.com” was symbolical “dream speak,” but decided to satisfy my curiosity.  To my surprise, I found your site, with the redirection to “The Blessing Chair.”  After reading your posts, I came to the one entitled “Virtual Blessing Chair.”  This one speaks directly to the “work” I am doing at present in my life; that is, the work of manifesting desire into reality.  Meditation has become a daily practice for me over the past year, but I’ve been unclear on how exactly to use imagery in helping me to create a new reality.  I feel like my creativity has been stifled for a while, so the idea of a canvas and brush is inviting.  I will be using your metaphor in my practice, and am excited to see how this helps to unlock my imagination, and, eventually open up a brighter tomorrow.  So, “Thank you!” for your inspiring words, and please keep sharing your insights.
Hi Christie

How wonderful and how amazing how Spirit works.  This is what it’s all about for me.  Moving into 5th dimensional reality requires us to use the top of our brain, you know where your halo is.
I am so pleased that you took the time to write.  Thank you so much.  We really are all one.
Would you mind if I shared your story?
thanks again
I don’t mind at all. Perhaps others will be encouraged to trust their intuition. It’s magical.

Thank  you so much Christie for sharing your dream.  I have to say I feel very validated from the inside out.  I am so blessed.

The Blessing Chair


I’ve moved my focus to my new site TheBlessingChair.com.  It’s free, it’s for anyone who would enjoy more blessings in their life.  Please stop by and let me know what you think.

In love and light


Today, 4.20.11, I thought to write about Healing.

As a long time fan of healing, I would have said that healing everything was a good idea.

Now, much time has passed since I have been in a healing, facilitator role. I have changed my view of things.  As we seek healing we find inevitably more things to heal. …

So, I have come to the conclusion that I Am Healed …we are healed, when we decide it to be so.

What I am now, what I appear to be to myself is self realized, all of my healing has led me to release all of who I thought I was in favor of

my inner self As myself.

Oh light on high
That does settle in my chest

May I always know you deeply, intimately
As my sole guidance and support

Remind me not to travel too far from center
lest I lose myself to the frequencies that are not my own

Thank you again and again for never abandoning me
And I now know why…
We are ONE

Oozing gratitude we proceed

The wind is blowing, the leaves are flying, the energy is up and all is well in the world.   Grateful to be home.

Magic happens when you put your mind to it !


Penny Jars is a simple exercise designed to help us move through our issues, whether it’s an immediate crisis or persistent discouraging thoughts that disrupt our enjoyment of life.

Multiple stresses set us up for failure as our body’s, the perfect mirror of our beliefs, endure the intensity of our thoughts and reactions.  With this simple exercise we can capture our unsupportive  thoughts before they become things.

Let’s go!   We will use the minds eye as our focal point.  Meaning we will be using our inner vision or 3rd eye to pin point and direct our energy.  As with all exercises, please read through and then close your eyes and proceed.


I am concerned about something and I have learned that the more I think about it, the more of it I will attract.  Help !!! I don’t want to fuel unsavory, fear based energys and events into my life.

Solution: imagine 2 penny jars, one on the left, one on the right.  With each thought we  generate  a manifest reality for ourselves. To move beyond manifesting by default we need to increase our level of awareness as to where our energy is going.

How To: Use imagined pennies to represent each thought.  Having a limiting, fear based thought:  drop a penny into the jar on the left. Having a supportive thought:  drop a penny into the jar on the right.

Fact: Every thought has the power to create a positive or negative EXPERIENCE ! I’m sure you can see how the positive or negative nature of our thoughts can, and do, add up.

Action: Become more aware of our thoughts,  catch ourselves contributing to the jars. If we catch ourself making deposits into the unsupportive  jar we can correct ourselves by mentally taking a moment to rephrase our thought to a more supportive stance and withdraw from one jar to contribute to the other.

Check your penny jars. Not seeing what you would like?  For our exercise we get to empty our jars before we begin.  Wow, that’s a relief.  OK, we’re off and running.  This is something we can use all the time.  AWARENESS is the key!!

Reminder: be sure to empty your jars each morning before you begin your day.  Now have fun filling the penny jar of your choice.  Gee, wonder which one it will be?

The power is yours

deb               Deb Barrett /Energy Tips Copyright 2010 ViewSpirit.com  /  theblessingchair.com  2015

Take a moment, right now, to remember what you thought the most about yesterday. I’ll wait………….. Was it about someone you love? about how you’re going to make more money? or maybe concerns about your own health? or your future?

REMEMBER, it’s important !!

I know there are many of you who are very aware of our move to the next level of reality that is purportedly to happen sometime around 2012.  And 2012 is almost here!   Sooooooooooo, let’s remember and become aware of what we are creating by default.

AWARENESS……where is your creative energy going?

What are you DWELLING ON ?

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With AWARENESS we find that life is multi-dimensional, that viewing life from a single lens is very limiting at best.

The eyes that we see ourselves with must move from the single,’ ego lens’, to the fully developed, ‘wisdom lens’.

The part of you that is beyond the effects of this physical reality,… the one that sees it ALL !!

Dials Energy Exercise

Read the exercise through to the end, then try it.

Put your two hands in the air in front of you.   Close your eyes.   Imagine that you are holding onto 2 large dials, like on an old radio. Your left hand holds the ‘Old Way’ dial. That equates to doing things with tremendous effort and struggle. Your right hand holds the ‘ALL possibilities’ dial.

Most of us use the dial on the left, ‘Old Way’, to force things to happen in our lives through our own strength and will.  You may want to turn the volume down on this one. The dial on the right, the ‘ALL possibility’ dial,  is usually at low volume. We understand and have digested lots about ‘creating our own reality’ and ‘living our authentic life’. However, just understanding doesn’t make our life any easier or more fulfilling.

Close your eyes again, grab your dials, sense where your personal dials are set.  Are you influenced by a strict work ethic that forgoes ease and grace?  Or are you a polly-anna who thinks you can just think it and it will happen?

Which ever you are and anything in between please take the time to adjust your dials.  Actually turn them in the air in front of you to what you would prefer.

Check in before you open your eyes to see how changing your dials changes how you perceive life.  Simple, yes?  Awareness is the key.

Enjoy your newly adjusted life radio station now that you are on a new frequency you will tune in to new ideas naturally and effortlessly.

PS  When you realize, become aware of, yourself reverting back to the old programing, go to the bathroom, close the door, close your eyes and adjust your dials.

ENJOY           Deb Barrett /Energy Tips Copyright 2010 ViewSpirit.com

Home Sweet Home

Kimo's Photos 2009

After 2 years, we have come home from Kauai.  The beauty was astounding but there’s no place like home.  Thank goodness for the Ruby Slippers.

enjoy your visit